Dave Young 2023

Hi, I'm Dave and I am the owner and producer of the Video Guitar Lessons.Online videos. Many people want to know something about a business before they spend their money so this is about me. The picture here was taken on 10/25/23 so this is what I look like now. I have been teaching guitar for over 40 years. Yeah, I'm not a kid anymore. I've also been a profession musician for that long too and like the picture shows I still do live shows on a regular basis. Music has been my only job for a few decades now and I am very thankful for that. It's the one thing I've never gotten tired of.

Most of my playing career has been with bands but I have also done a single act when I could. After Covid, I quit bands and started just doing my solo act. Another thing that I'm thankful for. I also still teach in person and that website is musiclessonswest.us.

You can also google me to find out more. Just search the phrase you see in my photo. I will be doing an about me video soon but until then you can always contact me through the contact link above. Be sure and sign up for a free account and access your free lesson today. The account is for the lessons only. Not for spamming purposes at all!

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For those who have been asking to see me play. Here is a quick video  of some guitar solos at various gigs.

About This Program

The program was created by a real world professional lead guitarist of more than 45 years. It is designed to help you become the musician you want to be whether it's just for fun or as a profession. The program starts at the absolute beginner level and adds more of the most important aspects of learning to play, lesson by lesson. Despite the claims and hype all over the internet, there is no instant or even almost instant way to become a guitar player. It take dedication and practice. However there are ways to help you learn how to play songs in a very short time and we do cover those but only after you get the basics down.

It's just as important if not more important to know what you are doing than just knowing how to do something. Just because you can change a tire doesn't make you a car mechanic and just because you can play a song doesn't mean you're a guitar player by any means.

The goal here is to equip you with the skills and knowledge to become a real guitar player. That is done by teaching you things that I have found to be absolutely essential in learning how to make the entire process of playing the guitar much easier and intuitive. But first you have to understand the basics.

New lessons are added regularly and I will be taking requests for specific lessons. After more than 45 years as a professional guitarist, I have a whole lot that I can teach you.

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